Music For You - Your Personalized Music Video Channel (for YouTube)

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Music For You is a great way to explore new music that matches your style and taste! No subscription fee or payments required, the selected music videos are simply streamed from YouTube.

To compile a personalized playlist, simply enter one of your favorite artists. Music For You now uses an extensive music intelligence and data platform of Spotify to compile a playlist with music videos we think you like. In addition, Music For You can automatically scan your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch music library songs and display the corresponding YouTube video. It’s perfect for parties, or simply for adding fun and flair to a personal entertainment experience.

It's simple, it's fun and you will discover new artists and songs every day!

Music For You offers a range of special features, including:
- Create personalized playlists by just entering one of your favorite music artists!
- Your personalized playlists are all stored for enjoying multiple times!
- The ability to create custom playlists with songs from your music library or directly from YouTube
- The possibility to store and share your playlists on Facebook and Twitter and have other Music For You users play it
- Full screen video mode
- The option to manually select related music videos
- The freedom to mirror music videos to Apple TV and Chromecast
- Several options to customize your player, including hiding the status bar and selecting from different tint colors
- Option to filter explicit content: let your kids use Music For You safely!

Plus, Music For You features an incredible self-learning algorithm that actually retrieves music videos faster and more accurate as more users enjoy the app.

DOWNLOAD Music For You TODAY...and discover music!